Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Worksheet Day 002

Worksheet Day 002

Worksheet Day  001
Name :  Dhanashri
Dept :  SMM 

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Location- Ujjain
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Whether you're a complete Beginner, Business owner or marketing professional looking to upskill,  this Digital marketing program is perfect for you to become a Digital marketer.
This comprehensive course, delivered 100% online, teaches the key Digital marketing skills required for the modern work place. Learn Google Tricks, social media marketing and SEO, Analytics, mobile marketing and much more.
The course is delivered 100% online, with a full support team on hand to help at any time.

With our stunning interactive learning system, you’ll learn in handy bite sized sections, while quizzes and practical exercises bring your learning to life. Start your Digital journey with us today.
M 01: Digital Marketing Fundamentals
M 02: E-mail Marketing for Business
M 03: Google Analytics and Aviation  Webmaster
M 04: Facebook Marketing for Business
M 05: Linkedin and Twitter Marketing
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