Saturday 11 April 2015


Wajid Khan is the representational nail artist from India. The Nail-Art is completely an unimaginable work of hammering more than 100 thousand iron nails into the acrylic sheet. It is a handmade work that takes almost three months to finish a single nail portrait.

Wajid Khan is not only an artist but a dreamer, a visualizer and an innovator. The nail-art is one of his many creations. He started this form of art in 2006. He owns the patent of this art. His first portrait work took him about three years to complete. He also received ‘Golden Book of World Record’ for his excellence in the novel art of nail-art.

Numerous people have admired and honored the incredible work of Wajid Khan, which is now well known as Wajid Art by many. Wajid Khan says “It’s just a beginning” and we, the people, remain awestruck and world awaits another astonishing creation to come.


He has been nominated thrice for 'Presidential Award' by the Former President of India, honorable APJ Abdul Kalam for his inventions.

He has been awarded the Golden book of World records for the Mahatama Gandhi Nail art in year 2012

Email : wajidart@gmail.com
Website : http://www.wajidart.com

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Best Creative Artist in The World Wajid Khan Artist

Patent "Nail Art"



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