Monday 8 April 2019

Co-Founders Business Associate [ Smart Savvy ]

Co-Founders Business Associate [ Smart Savvy ]

Looking for individuals who are having 
Aviation / Banking / Travel / Hospitality Background / Skills 
and are want to Work as Co-Founders
for our Start-Ups / Blog based Business
Work From Home  as  Co-Founders 

Age : 21 Years to 35 Years
Must have Laptop / PC / 4G Android Mobile
Platform : Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp etc

Looking out for your next Career move as 
Co-Founders to Work From Home  ?

Do you want to Join a High-Performing Team of 
Co-Founders ?  

If so, we’d Love to Speak to You ! 

Capt Shekhar Gupta
+91 9826008899  

Our Co-Founders Must Be 

They are scrappy and formidable at the same time - a rarer combination than it sounds.
They are mission-oriented, obsessed with their companies, relentless, and determined.
They are smart.
They have a very high rate of learning and self-improvement.
They are decisive and execute rapidly.
They are courageous and willing to be misunderstood.
They communicate clearly and are infectious evangelists.
And they have the capacity to become tough and ambitious.

Passion: She has as much passion for the idea as We have (or at least he/she shows 90% of the thrill you have);

Expertise: She must be, at least, as good doing his stuff, as you are doing yours. 

Commitment: You should also be sure that She has the required commitment. 

Alignment: if you are going on this adventure together it is very important that you have your expectations matched. 
Discuss roughly the (i) roadmap, (ii) equity split & salaries, (iii) work culture and the most importantly (iv) the paths you envision for the startup must coexist. 

Responsibility: for sure you agree that responsibility is a key role for success and you want to be successful. 

Last, but crucial. Communication: it is a commonplace that tech people tend to have communication problems.

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