Tuesday 4 June 2019

Alfa Classified

Alfa Classified

# विज्ञापन पैम्फलेट पर
#  सोशल मीडिया साइट्स पर विज्ञापन
# ब्लॉग
# फेसबुक
# व्हाट्सप्प मैसेज

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Contact for Other Advt Services
At Airport Road Indore Area


I am a freelancer and can work only from home

I will make 1 blog plus 1 graphics per week

Social Media's on which marketing will be done
From Monday to Friday I will post on the following social media's common 1 blogs and 2-3 posts that are approved by you.

1. Facebook
Will schedule and post on FB.
Will join relevant groups according to the target audience  and share posts to increase traction.

2. Twitter
Will schedule and post on twitter.
Will follow other tweet retweet adding twitter handles

Posting on instagram with relevant hashtags and following people

4 LinkedIn

Posting, searching for target audiences and connecting .

Mailchimp for push marketing with the relevant links and other details once a week

Forums - Quora

Posting on Quora from Monday to Friday finding relevant questions for the blog

We can do meta tagging such as putting meta titles, meta keywords, meta descriptions, Alt images, etc.

I can also make and run adwords campaigns for website clicks and calls.

We can run FB lead generation campaigns asking inputs from the leads.

I can generate excellent leads and create a good amount of brand awareness.

I charge Rs.15,000/- per project per month

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